Monday, October 4, 2010

First Three Days in Strratford-Upon-Avon

I arrived in Stratford four days ago and have almost finished settling in. When I got to the B and B the owner recognized me from 2 years ago, which was a nice surprise. After doing some unpacking I walked to Morrison's to get some groceries and other things for my room. I didn't really do much hat night.

On Saturday I woke up and walked down to the center of town to walk around. I got a cell phone, made an appointment at the bank to open an account (apparently you have to make an appointment for that kind of stuff here) and then looked around for a gym. I was told that there are a lot of gyms in the town center, but I couldn't find one. Since most of the town was built over 300 years ago, and a lot of it is much older, it can be hard to actually see the names of the shops and companies, which makes finding stores kind of difficult. I did find the Leisure Centre and had a tour of the gym, but it cost 30 pounds a month (almost $50), which is a little steep I think.

I didn't do anything on Sunday until the Institute meet and greet at the Windmill pub. There were about 30 or 35 people there, about half of them were first years, the others were research or PhD students. It seems like a lot of them are Americans as well, especially in the MA Shakespeare Studies course. I had a great time and ended up staying at the pub til 9pm with the last few students.

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