Saturday, October 30, 2010

End of Week Four

This week was ok, nothing special really until the Halloween party tonight. The trains between Stratford and Birmingham were down so getting to class on Wednesday was a bit tricky, but we pulled it off.

Yesterday morning I went to a weekly performance workshop at the Institute. During the warm ups I decided to do the leg lifts from my dance class in college.....bad idea. I didn't notice until I was playing futbol, but my hips are killing me now. I almost got a taxi yesterday to take me home 5 blocks. But this morning I am ok. Then I went home and read before going to futbol. My team lost.....again.

I went to the Attic Theatre to see Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde last night. It is a community theatre in town. I am going to see if they need electricians for the rest of the season.

Tonight is the Halloween party at my friends' house. I am going as Desdemona's handkerchief.

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