Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My 14.5 hour Day

There was a large screen set up in the Bancroft gardens, just in front of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, to watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympics.  We were afraid that we wouldn't get a spot, so I arrived at 10.30am to stake our claim.  It was a long, but very good day.

Ingenuity dear emma, ingenuity!

We watched the same looped set of interviews for 11 hours!

The mayor of Stratford giving a speech.

Everyone standing for God Save the Queen.

There was a collective sigh at this point.

The American outdoor cuddling team.  We took home gold!

Team GB enters...never mind the fact that I forgot to take pictures of the American team..

We might have been imbibing a bit before this picture was taken...14 hours into the day.

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