Thursday, August 23, 2012

Jesse and Andrew visit Stratford, and my friend Andrew (who works at The King Edward VI School) gives us a tour of the school

Jesse and Andrew moved to London on Monday and decided to come visit me for the weekend.  We took a small tour of the town and had some fun.  Enjoy!

Andrew looking adorable as usual.


LOOK!  Its a church!!!!  Tom is confused.

The giant key to unlock the door between the King Edward VI School (where Shakespeare went) and the guild chapel.  

The inner courtyard of the old part of the school.  

This is now the library, but it was once the guild hall, where the town guild met.

This is the room above the library, where Shakespeare went to school.  The desks are 18th century and the room is still used for classes today.  

School Master Jason.  It just feels so right.

In 1736 there was a plague throughout the country.  These three sets of initials represent the only three students left in the school at that time.

This is part of the library.  The desk (Andrew, on the left, is unsure of the age) is covered in graffiti.  

Drinks at The Bear!

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