Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Kensington Palace with emma

emma and I went to see Gatz in London.  Gatz is a play version of The Great Gatsbey.  It lasted 8.5 hours and included two intervals and a dinner break.  The play was a reading of literally the entire book, with the actors (from Elevator Repair Service) acting out certain scenes.  The next day we went to Kensington Palace.  Enjoy.

The palace through the garden.  Pretty?  Yes!

emma reading about the Glorious Revolution.  In case you did not know about this important event in English history, apparently there was a revolution...and it was GLORIOUS!!!

Each chair represents a dead child of Queen Anne's.  It was sad, especially with the sound of children coming form the next room.

A puppet show depicting Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee.  I was checking to see what puppet scotsmen wear under their kilts.  

We were playing cards, and I was using my best courtier pose.

More card playing.  Some of the courtier/guides came over and taught us a game from the early-mid 18th century called Commerce.  It was fun.  

This is Queen Victoria's actual wedding dress.  She was tiny.

We taught some courtiers a 17th century masque dance, so they showed us one they learned.

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