Friday, November 26, 2010

Richard III, Propeller Production

So my friend emma is in love with an all male Shakespeare company in England called Propeller. Last weekend they opened a new production of Richard III in Coventry (about 2 hours away by bus). It was really good. Easily the bloodiest play I have ever seen. It is a history play of Richard III, who basically kills his way to the throne. He even murders a man, then convinces his wife that he loves her and killed him for her; she falls for it and marries him (he later kills her, and, in this production, bites her finger off to get back the wedding ring). It was set in a Victorian hospital. emma knows one of the actors (who played the deposed Queen Margaret), so we had coffee with him after the show. He has to play Pinch in their next show (Comedy of Errors) and for the role needs a southern accent, so our friend Red taught him a bit o southern.

It is an all male company so the women (all of them queens in this play) were played by women. I liked it, I have never seen an all male cast before. THi is the only portrait (I believe) of the actual Richard III, who was not as bad, most likely, as Shakespeare made him out to be.richard iii.jpg

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