Monday, September 6, 2010

Three Weeks To Go

I leave for England three weeks from today. I had a small good bye party last night at the Parkway Tavern. My first drama teacher gave me her St. Genesius medal (He is the patron saint of theatre people. The tradition is that when someone is close to retiring they give their medal to the person they see as being the best to carry on the traditions of theatre.) Halpin, my High School drama teacher gave me a God Light (inside joke that is too hard to explain).

So I have my Visa, FAFSA is taken care of, I have plans for a few day with my friend who lives in Norwich. I have not, however, finished any of the reading list I started. Lucky for me it is just a suggested reading list to familiarize people with the course content. I am hoping that since I have a degree in Theatre and Shakespeare Studies already I am ok for.

I found out I will be having classes only on Tuesday to Thursday. My first thought was 'YAY! A lot of free time', but I soon realized it just meant a lot of out of class work.

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