Wednesday, February 20, 2013

More Cheese Shop Fun!!!!

Once again, I LOVE MY JOB!!!  Here are some more pictures of my usual Saturday activities.

Some of our Continental cheeses (for Americans, that is British for non-British-European cheeses).Starting at the bottom and goingclockwise: raclette, Gubbeen, Gouda, Comte (?), Parmigiano, Gruyere, Mimolette, and Beaufort.  THEY ARE AMAZING!   

The shop.

Gjetost.  We had it on taste.....I sold about 1.5 kilos!

What was left of our Scottish cheese we had in for Burns Night, a Scottish celebration of the poet Rabbie Burns.   The big wedge on top is Isle of Mull Cheddar, made on the Isle of Mull off the west coast of Scotland.  I visited there in October.  The cows graze so near the water that the salt in the air and on the grass they eat flavours the cheese, making it sharper than most traditional cheddars.  

Me, doing a little dance, with Stilton in the foreground.

Gen and I.  Enough said. 
Some of our soft cheeses, a bit depleted after the Christmas and New Year rush.  The three round, plastic covered cheeses in the bottom right are Mont d'Or, perhaps one of the best soft cheeses in the world (according to me).  I cut an X in the top of the cheese and bake it, then dip bread in it.  So delicious!!!!

Some Buchette goat cheese logs along with crackers and confit.  They are really nice together.

Blue cheeses (mostly).  Too many to name, but all good.

Our cold fridge, also slightly depleted. 

Some cheese truckles in our cellar.  From left to right: Cheddar (not sure which), Lincolnshire Poacher and Westcombe Cheddar.

Me on my break.
Coeur de Neufchatel, one of our special Valentine's Day cheeses.  We had to cut one up for samples, so we decided to do a bit more than a straight cut.  

Tome de Savoie.  I love the painted name on the top, it makes it look like something from a movie.

So, that is all.  I love my job and I love cheese.

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