Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Day in Chipping (Chicken) Campden

Patryk had Monday the 4th of April off so we went to Chipping Campden for the day. It is a small towne about 20 minutes from where Patryk lives. It was known for its wool trade, the way it became rich, and for looking so damn cute. About the title of this post: for some reason Patryk kept saying Chicken Campden instead Chipping, so the Chicken kind of stuck.

This is the market in the town. Everything, by law, must be built out of the local Cotswolds stone, so the entire town has this ambery look to it. Some of the buildings in Stratford have the same stone.

This is part of what is left of the manor house, which was burnt down in the civil war (by the Royalists I think). Cotswold stone turns pink when it is heated up, as you can see from the stones on the left. At the far end is a banqueting house. My guide book lied when it said this site is open to the public. Apparently we were trespassing, but luckily the people who lived there jus laughed and said not to worry about it.

This is the west door to St James' Church in the town.

Patryk and I after we ate our lunch. I felt like such a tourist that day!

After we left Chipping Campden we decided to go see Broadway Tower, in the village of Broadway. Patryk had tried to take me there twice before, but it was always closed. One night we even had a night time picnic in front of the gate when we found out it was closed. The tower is a folly built in the 19th century. It served no real purpose other than something for a victorian businessman to spend his money on instead of using his money to help people.

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