Friday, April 26, 2013

Random Pictures Of Russia That Did Not Make It Into The Main Blog

The walkway up to the market we went to.  You can see the recreated buildings in the background.
Tom mentioned to me that his friend, Fiona, thought that it was hilarious that mannequins in Russia have nipples.  They do.  Here is proof.
Starbuck's in Russian.  This is one of the only Starbuck's signs I saw in Russian.  
The street Tom lives near.
Apparently, this type of 'American' food chain exists outside of the UK.
Another sign in Russian.   I think you can figure out what company this is.
Doggy couture.  Um, wow.
Dunkin' Donuts (obviously).
The Kremlin walls.
Tom and his 'I am here' pose.
A park near Tom's.  
The guards at the eternal flame.

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