Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve in England

MERRY CHRISTMAS (eve)!!!!!!!!!  I am sitting in Jesse and Andrew's flat in London, trying to cool the brine for tomorrow's turkey before the boys get home from church.  I have been working like crazy at Paxton and Whitfield.  I worked nine out of the last ten days; a few of them 13 hour days.  People go crazy for cheese here.  One man picked up his delivery (which he had placed online) and yelled at my boss for substituting a Dorstone (an ashed goat cheese) for the Cerny (another ashed goat cheese) he ordered since we did not have any left do to a shipping error.  Knob.

I supplied the cheese board for Jesse and Andrew's party tomorrow.  On the menu is: St Wulfstan, Lancashire-Kirkham, Stitchelton, coulomier, cerny, celtic capra, gjetost, berkswell, beauvale and a few others which I cannot remember at the moment.  Also, I brought them half a cooked ham. (worse vegetarian ever!).  The ham was a gift from a friend, and I figured they could use it.

Anyway, tomorrow morning Jesse's godfather and university professor is arriving with his family and coming straight to Jesse and Andrew's, where we will drink, eat, converse, watch movies and play games for the day.  SO EXCITED!!!

I am back to Stratford on Boxing Day for more work.

Next adventure: New Year's in Scotland!!!!!!


  1. Greetings from Enumclaw, Washington! Found your blog while I was fixing your Mom's laptop and am looking forward to following your adventures. A belated Merry Christmas to you!

    50+ Horses