Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Epic Adventure in Scotland Day 1: Stratford-upon-Avon to Glasgow

Once we picked up our car we decided to head to Hardwick Hall.  Bess of Hardwick built Hardwick Hall in the late 16th century.  It is a stunning building that was designed to impress, as well as to demonstrate the royal connection between the Hardwicks and Elizabeth I (Bess’ daughter was in line for the throne, though she was REALLY far down that line).  Bess was a remarkable woman; look her up if you have time.  Unfortunately, the postcode I put in the GPS took us to Hardwick Square, in a little town one hour away from the Hall.  By the time we figured this out we did not have time to go.  Sad.

We eventually made it to Glasgow, checked into out hostel and walked to the Tramway Theatre.  After getting slightly lost we got to our seats in time for the show.  And just so everyone knows, IT WAS AMAZING!  I know I can sometimes over use that word, but it was truly amazing.  Alan Cumming (you might recognize him best from The Good Wife) starred in a production that was set in a mental institution.  The truly amazing part was that he delivered nearly all the lines himself.  It was set up as though he was being observed for committing some un-named crime.  A man and woman acted as an orderly and a doctor, respectively, who just observed him, only having a few lines (most notably, as Lady Macbeth delivered the “out damn spot” speech, the doctor played the part of the Doctor, and the orderly the part of the Nurse/Lady).  It appeared as though he was having a mental break down.  I wont get into it here, but I will be writing a review on my dramaturgy blog later (www.jasonaburg.wordpress.com).

Here are some trailers for it on youtube that you might enjoy.

Behind the scenes discussion of the show, including short clips

[Attention Dr Who fans: if you really want a picture with a Tardis, I mean a police box, go to Scotland. I have never seen one in England, but I saw about five in Scotland.  This is the only picture of me in Glasgow.]

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